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Case Manager

We know it is very diffucult for you to manage all your cases, record client details, files and payments. You often miss your events. All of them now you can manage in a very organized and a very easy way.


Laws of Bangladesh

Case Listing

You can list your cases and see them all in a signle listing. You can search older case and see its related task, documents, payments etc. You can also see the next followup / hearing date on the single listing.

Task Management

You can manage your cases related task on a single page. You can create task and assign to your team. Team will notified in email, mobile and in google calendar.

Laws of Bangladesh
Laws of Bangladesh

Documents Management

All you case related document you can save under a case. You can create folder to organize documents. You can download neccesarry file and print them whenever needed.


All you case followup date and assinged task all will be shown in your portal calendar and even in google calendar. You will get google calendar notification for each event and task.

Laws of Bangladesh
Laws of Bangladesh


All the activity for the particular case will be show in the activity section. Who open the case, who create task, who is completing the task, who is receiving a payment everything can be checked in the activity section.

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